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Wordle for Seniors – A Great Game to Keep the Mind Sharp

Wordle, the new word puzzle that gives you six chances to guess the five-letter word of the day ...
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How Seniors Can Improve Your Mood With Meditation

For centuries,  cultures around the world have used meditation — not medication — to relax, reduce stress, and ...
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Dispelling the Most Common Fears About Senior Living

Considering a move to retirement living can be an emotional time for seniors and their families, due to ...
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Introverts and Senior Living: Why It’s a Surprisingly Good Fit 

Senior living communities are often portrayed as vibrant and active places for outgoing seniors to spend retirement so ...
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Blue Zones and Senior Living 

In the Blue Zones, five places on Earth where people consistently live to be 100 or older, researchers ...
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Tech Tips for Healthy Aging: Live Your Best Life 

Just one generation ago, the technology available to help seniors embrace healthy aging were basically nonexistent. Now, however, ...
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Everyday Ways to Support Successful Aging: Getting Back to Nature 

Getting out into the natural world may become more difficult as we age, but it should not be ...
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Seniors having fun outdoors

Less Stress, More Happy for Successful Aging

Living a life that exceeds 100 years is quite an achievement but living that long and being happy ...
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How Social Connections Support Successful Aging

One aspect of getting older that many don’t realize is happening to them is the loss of social ...
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How Purpose Supports Successful Aging

Successful aging is the result of many factors, not the least of which is living purposefully. In retirement ...
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