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Senior female exercising

5 Reasons to Get Your 30 Minutes of Daily Cardio Exercise As You Get Older

Staying fit in an independent living community should include a daily exercise routine with plenty of cardio (aka ...
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Senior male getting a haircut

How to Make Your First Days in a Retirement Community Great

Like any new beginning, moving to a retirement community can bring on feelings of stress and uncertainty. But ...
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Senior females swimming

Break the Ice: Tips for Making New Friends in Your New Retirement Community Home

Life in a luxury retirement community like Sonrisa Senior Living has so much to offer seniors and one ...
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Seniors moving

Moving to a Retirement Community? Advice on What to Bring

Moving to a retirement community is a big event, but one way to simplify the process is knowing ...
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Senior female taking care of house plants

How to Make Your Retirement Home Look Great Without Hiring a Professional Decorator

One of the most exciting aspects of moving to a senior living community is the opportunity to create ...
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Seniors moving

5 Tips for Smooth & Easy Downsizing in Retirement

When a move is imminent one of the first thoughts many seniors have is: “What am I going ...
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